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This is my Art Store of the artist Carol May. My art paintings are usually nature related. My goal is to share the beauty and wonder of the awesome gifts of God. I have beautiful paintings and prints available.

I originally learned how to paint with oils. Then one year my sister gave me a calendar of watercolor paintings. It intrigued me. I gave watercolors a try and loved them.

Now I switch back and forth between painting with oil colors and watercolors. I love them both. I like the rich classic beauty of oil paintings and the freedom of watercolor paintings.

what's in the art store?

Art Prints 
on paper, canvas or metal

Original Paintings 
oils or watercolors

what's in the art store?

Art Prints 
on paper, canvas or metal

Original Paintings 
oils or watercolors

Art Prints

Art prints from my original paintings are for sale. Fine Art America does my printing and shipping. They may be printed on paper, canvas, metal or cards.

You may choose a print size from 6" - 48", depending on the size of the original painting.

Click on the images to see close-up views of my paintings and their available print options.  They have a variety of mats and frames to choose from.

Original Paintings
For Sale

My beautiful oil paintings are on stretched archival canvas. I use high quality pigments bound with alkyd resin. They look exactly like oil paintings.

Alkyd paintings are referred to as oil paintings and that is what I call them in the art store. I am very pleased with this media. I have been using alkyd paints for more than 20 years. 

When I started doing artistic watercolor paintings, I used paper. The paintings were framed under glass. If the paper gets moisture on it, it possibly could be ruined.

Ampersand came up with a solution. They applied archival clay to a hardboard and called it Aquabord. When the painting is dry, I apply a protective spray. Then it may be framed without glass.

See below for Ordering Originals.

Click on images for an enlarged gallery view.

Original Paintings available in the Art Store of Carol May

"Paddlin' Pelican"

I love wildlife and pelicans have always amazed me from the first time I saw one.

They aren't afraid to come up close and paddle around looking at you.

16x20 watercolor on Aquabord - 350.00

Beautiful Hummingbird Nature Painting

"Ruby-throat Hummingbird"

The Ruby-throated Hummingbird is the hummingbird of the eastern United States.

I saw one feeding from the Trumpet Vine on my garden fence. I just had to paint him.

9x12 watercolor on WC paper - 275.00

Landscape painting of barns, original artist Carol May

I did “Country Barns” on a trip to New England when the trees were in fall color. I was intrigued by the shadows and sunlight on the front barn. The barns are different styles as happens when they are built years apart.

This painting was privileged to win a "Best of Show" at a local show.

24x30 oil on canvas - 1000.00

Beautiful nature painting of Monarch Butterfly

"Monarch on Daisies"

The Monarch Butterfly is the most well known butterfly in the United States. I had the privilege of seeing large numbers of them in Mexico on their migration route. 

Daisies have been my favorite ever since I was a child. I enjoyed painting this favorite of mine.

9x12 watercolor on WC paper - 275.00

"Buckeye Butterfly"

I see the Common Buckeye quite often on my flowers and grass when I am mowing. 

Daisy Flowers are favorite flowers for the butterflies.

11x14 watercolor on Aquabord - 275.00

"Going Places"

I recently moved across country. And when I found out that I was moving I did this painting. 

I knew where I was going had Road Runners. What fun!

11x14 watercolor on Aquabord - 175.00


My favorite flowers in a porcelain vase on a mahogany table.

18x24 oil on Masonite - 500.00

"Winter Wonderland"

This painting reminds me of the snow where I lived as a child.

16x20 oil on canvas - 500.00

"Anna's Hummingbird"

I love watching the hummers coming to the feeders

8x10 watercolor on Aquabord - 175.00

"Tiny Treasures"

I have never had the pleasure of seeing baby hummers. But I imagine this is how they would be looking for mom to come with dinner.

8x10 watercolor on Aquabord - 175.00

Ordering - Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

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artist Carol May

These artistic, original paintings are in standard sizes ready for your frame.
United States shipping is included in the price of paintings.

Contact me  and I will send you an invoice containing a Pay Pal link. Then you may order securely using the Pay Pal link from your e-mail.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If your order does not meet your expectations, return it within 30 days. I will be happy to refund your purchase price when I receive the returned artwork.

There are many pictures of art by Carol May on this Gifts-of-God website. When you visit the painting pages, you see paintings that are not in the Art Store. The originals and prints may be available. For information, contact me with the name of the painting.

Thank you for visiting, I am sure you will find something in the Art Store that delights you!

Your Artist, Carol May

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