The Gifts of God Are Free
For All to Enjoy!

The world is like an art gallery displaying gifts of God - Butterflies, Hummingbirds and Flowers.
God's creations are inspiration for my paintings, everything from flowers and butterflies to seascapes, mountains, birds and critters.

I enjoy gardening and attracting God's critters to my backyard. Learn to dentify common types of butterflies and hummingbirds and what flowers attract them to your backyard.

I taught horticulture and I share the gardening basics my students learned about growing a garden, including roses and orchids.

Read about my Miracle of God, the spiritual gifts of healing, the blood of Jesus, how to talk to God and the Father's best gift of all -  Jesus Christ and how to get saved.


Paddlin' Pelican painting by Carol May"Paddlin' Pelican" by Carol May

I enjoy painting all of God's beautiful gifts and sharing my paintings with you. You will find paintings of;

  • Butterflies, Hummingbirds and Flowers
  • Some of God's Critters such as giraffes and dolphins
  • Beautiful Paintings of landscapes and seascapes
Butterfly Paintings by artist Carol May

Butterfly Paintings

Dolphins, giraffes, sea turtle, koi and other Critter Paintings

Critter Paintings

Flower Paintings

Flower Paintings

Hummingbird Paintings

Hummer Paintings

You will find my paintings and prints for sale in the Art Store.


Black-veined White Butterflies are a free gift of GodBlack-veined Butterflies

Butterflies are a beautiful free gift of God. I plant flowers for the butterflies and they just love them. Every time I go by the planting I see several butterflies feeding.

  • Plant some Butterfly Flowers and learn what attracts them to certain flowers?
  • Butterflies come in all sizes and colors. Learn some fun Butterfly Facts to amaze your friends.
  • What Types of Butterflies are in your yard? Can you tell a butterfly from a moth?
  • Learn about the Monarch, butterfly migration and their life cycle called metamorphosis.
Monarch Butterflies, butterfly life cycle


Facts About Butterflies

Butterfly Facts

Butterfly Flowers

Butterfly Flowers

Types of Butterflies

Types of Butterflies


Hummingbirds are God's flying jewelsHummer feeding from a Zinnia

One of my favorite gifts of God is hummingbirds. They are beautiful and amazing. They can fly better than helicopters!

  • Answering questions About Hummingbirds. How do they fly? How do hummingbirds eat? What do they do when it is cold? Do hummingbirds migrate? How big are their nests? And more ---
  • Plant some Hummingbird Flowers. Will hummers go to other flowers besides red ones?
  • Types of Hummingbirds in the United States?
  • Make your own hummingbird food and know when and how to Feed the Hungry Hummers.
Making food and feeding Hummingbirds

Feeding Hummingbirds

Interesting facts about hummingbirds


Hummingbird Flowers

Flowers for Hummingbirds

Types of Hummingbirds

Types of Hummingbirds


Daisies are my favorite flowersChamomile Daisies

I like planting and caring for my flowers. I even like pulling weeds because I am outside in all of the gifts of God.

I see the birds and butterflies and the flowers when they bloom and enjoy the wonderful peace of God.

  • Daisies are My Favorite Flowers. But what exactly are flowers for?
  • What are some Easy Flowers for your yard?
  • I share my expertise with the Garden Basics I taught my horticulture students - Selecting Plants, Soil Preparation, Planting, Watering, Fertilizing and Pruning Plants.
  • Growing Orchids is a joy. What are the popular Types of Orchids for home growing?
  • Roses Growing is easy with the basics of proper location, watering, fertilizing, pest control and knowing when and how to prune roses.
  • Birds are wonderful gifts of God. What is the best way of Attracting Birds to your yard?
Garden Basics of plant selection, soils and planting

Garden Basics

Attracting Birds to your backyard

Attracting Birds

Growing Orchids in your home

Growing Orchids

Types of Orchids

Types of Orchids

Pruning Plants

Growing Roses, popular types of roses

Growing Roses

Easy Flowers for your garden

Easy Flowers

Calif. Poppies are my favorite wild flowers

My Favorite Flowers

Spiritual Gifts of God

Beauty and Joy are gifts of God"Beauty and Joy"

Miracles are the best gifts of God. I look for one every day.

  • The most wonderful gift is when we Get Saved by accepting Jesus Christ.  We are transformed and have new life. Like the butterfly we are 'Born Again'.
  • God Heals. Jesus paid for our healing with the stripes He bore on His back. 
  • God gave me a personal Miracle of God. I praise God for the people with spiritual gifts working in their lives.
  • One of the first lessons the Lord taught me was about the precious Blood of Jesus
  • He also taught me, How to Talk to God. Prayer opens the door for miracles.

Blood of Jesus

God Heals

Get Saved

Talk to God

Miracle of God

Over the years God taught me more and more about prayer. I never thought of myself as an author, but God had me write "Devil Stomping Prayer"

"Devil Stomping Prayer" covers the following subjects;

  • How do we pray?
  • What is our most important prayer?
  • What did Jesus teach?
  • What does God want from us?
  • How to pray for others?
  • What about me, God?
  • What is our key to victory?

I love to pray because God answers prayer. Prayer is God's gift for us to communicate with our commander. God doesn't do anything until we ask. We are commanded to pray. We defeat the devil with prayer.

Blessings to You

While you visit the various pages I have to share, I wish many blessings to you.
It is my pleasure to serve God and live in His love and beauty.
Enjoy life and all the wonderful free gifts of God!

Expect a gift from God today!

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